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Questions and Answers. Thanks for the review! I think g100s have very similar tastes in mice.

G100s have tried many different models and never really found the "one". Abyssus felt too narrow and the design was weird for me in that the sides seemed to flex over time and caused pinching of my fingers when clicking the rmb pinching my ring finger in particular. Caused my hand to fatigue over long periods of use. Tried the Logitech G9x next, but it was ridiculously heavy for my taste- also couldn't get the SetPoint software to work at all.

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Yea I immediately removed the weight as I am not a fan of heavy mice. I do find it kinda g100s that there's an 'extra' feature that you can take advantage of only by voiding your warranty the azurues g100s had this too, but it was really unclear whether you'd void your warranty by removing them as it was announced feature there I would caution people not to misconstrue cheap with bad here though, because this mouse is designed to be affordable to most everyone. For heavy contact zones, we added fingerprint-resistant coatings on the primary buttons. It's been around ever since the MX series was introduced in the early 's, and as you probably know, people still fight on ebay to get authentic G1's even today. Well after a week I kind of know why. The size and shape of the mouse is good.

Logitech G100s Evaluation

In the time that I've used it my grip has slightly modified itself to cope with these slight differences right ring finger migrated upwards a little to help with stability and control that I felt wasn't as solid. Only time will tell if it feels more natural in my hand, but I can say that generally speaking that there's a good reason why many gamers love this shape as it's felt pretty good so far. The main switches are omron switches, while the wheel encoder and cpi button are manufactured by Kaihua Electronics. I should make two notes about the switches here. First, the middle button for the wheel has a different feel than the cpi button behind it, and does provide a feedback more akin to the omrons. The second is something that was my first of only really two important gripes with g100s mouse.

Error: You have already judged this post This is a completely new mouse after g100s I can't find back the thread where someone compared it to DBZ training weights but g100s the spirit! The stupid thing is that they add the weight only to make the mouse seem more sturdy to the buyer while it's only plastic and three electronic jibber jabber.

Damn you winz! I bought it following this review g100s my gs fucking skips on very fast moves but still I think you are on QCK heavy, aren't you?

Have you installed a driver? You already got screwed once by Razer, why do you g100s to invest more money in their g100s I never understood this with their consumer base :S As far as gs goes, there haven't been any reports on sensor malfunction yet - it's cheap and reliable.

Logitech Gs Evaluation

My Logitech Gs also had scrolling issues that started g100s right around the same time as the LMB started becoming unresponsive. Essentially what would happen is, for every other mouse scroll-ups, it would end up scrolling down. And vice-versa. There even were times when I would attempt to scroll down a quarter revolution clicks and the mouse would do end up scrolling up almost every click.

The iktec brand of mice are a pretty niche market as g100s are, or more precisely werea Korean manufacturer that is now defunct. They made cheap but functional devices and were used by many in the pro Brood War scene.

Compared with mice today, they lack the carefully nuanced ergonomics, great operational or tactile feel, or even a sensor that performs optimally. Even with all of these things seemingly against it, I fell in love with this mouse ergonomically. The reverse tapered design of the overall body thin to wide from back to front and the non-tapered sides while simple, has seriously made me question the incredibly unique and developed look and feel of certain mice, g100s I wonder if these shell designs aren't more of a subtle design choice in branding, rather than for actual ergonomic considerations, but that's a slight tangent. With that in mind I was tentatively excited to get my hands on a mouse with good performance and in what many gamers consider to be a 'proven' shape.

It's been around ever since the MX series was introduced in the early 's, and as you probably know, people still fight on ebay to get authentic G1's even today. Well after a week I kind of know why.DELTA ZERO SENSOR TECHNOLOGY.

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Building on the powerful legacy of the G1 and G gaming mice, Gs features exclusive Delta Zero sensor optimizations for high-accuracy cursor control. Four times faster than a standard USB mouse, Gs captures your moves as fast as you can make. Welcome to Logitech Support. We've put everything you need to get started with your Gs Optical Gaming Mouse right here. G100s Support Ultimate Ears Support Community Forums.


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