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Yet until this tool came out I just couldn't bring myself to trust a variable torque wrench. If you know anything about torque wrenches in general, even really good ones come with an advisory that they are only accurate within a percentage of the setting, e.

BORKA TOOLS Multi Torque & Adjustable Drivers

I took them up to I also loosened and re-tightened my cap screws to The torque values are determined by the selection of the hex cut-outs that run the length of the torque arm. With these two features the Borka driver can apply 12 different torque values 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 36, 43, 50, 57, 65, and 72 inch-pounds on a variety of fastener types. While the tool is borka tools multi torque enough to be easily carried into the field, it is accurate enough to not sacrifice consistency when used over a more conventional torque wrench that may be found on a workbench.

The second task of maintaining small size and light weight is achieved by using stainless and alloy steel for the spindle, torque arm, and hex driver and structural polymer on the handle and knob.

Legacy Borka Tools torque driver kits for firearms

The spindle is fairly short, while the torque arm is just large enough to provide for the variable-length torqueing lever arrangement when assembled. Product has been discontinued and no longer available. The Borka multi torque driver is handy and makes a good tool for your standard kit and it appears to be durable, which we will see over time as we borka tools multi torque to use it.

Bought this based on this review. MG3 kit includes: 1. OD Green custom T.


Please find time to watch great instructional video from Tactical, posted on our borka tools multi torque home page. Torque driver components are made from stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, and chrome or zinc plated alloy steel. Brady, send me one CFII has my info. Opinion,untempered by fact,is ignorance.

There are some who do not fear death Since our driver is the 12 setting model you have to make sure that you have borka tools multi torque number facing the fastener for standard right hand threads. I believe that the printed warning refers to the fact that it will only be accurate to the stated value when turning in a tightening motion.

Boris will have to verify. This is a great piece of kit. Well thought out, simple, durable, and packable.

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What Borka did was design a small and compact tool that has the ability to do multiple torque settings but yet is small and light weight. The available settings are ones that are most common for tactical rifle use and they have even included a nice T. Place the bit into the holder. Firearms maintenance borka tools multi torque kits and related accessories. Torque tool kits customization for individuals and OEMs. Free shipping for SH members in the U.

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Borka Tools reserves right not to accept orders from SH members residing in certain countries, known not to handle USPS priority and first class mail from the U. Your user name on SH forums 3. Your shipping address, or at least the country of residence, as it is not always clear, by just looking at your email address borka tools multi torque, where you're located. Knowing your location is important, as it affects shipping charge and total amount of the payment I'm supposed to request from you when your order is ready for delivery.

If you prefer to pay by USPS money order, please add this note to your e-mail. Ask any product related questions you may have When your order is ready for delivery, I'll be borka tools multi torque a request for payment, from my PayPal seller account, to your e-mail. Your credit card will be processed directly by PayPal secure system. All Rights Reserved.

I now include this tool in my standard range kit.Manufacturer: Borka Tools; Model: Multi Torque Driver. Most of our borka tools multi torque doing write-ups and reviews here at Sniper Central is spent with the big. Borka Tools adjustable torque driver (ATD) provides a range of the tightening further evolution of our multi torque driver with 12 fixed torque settings (MTD).

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